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Exercise class by Joann Yasuko in Hawaii.

Joann will make a program that will be tailor fit for each students physical condition and needs, by combining Pilate, yoga and other exercise.

All range of students from beginner to expert are welcomed..

*From Joann's students:

S.M. & T.M. (Former Professor New York University): In March 2006 my wife and I began ballroom dance instructions with Joann Yasuko after a recommendation by two of her performing students. We think her body workout classes, group instruction, and private lessons are exciting, challenging, and fun. Her dance training emphasis is on the gdancerfs bodyh and includes body workouts of internal and external stretching exercises based on pilate, yoga and ballet to develop the deep layered muscles of the body and to achieve the sense of balance necessary to dance.This provides the basis for her instructions of dance techniques (dance steps and routines) where movement, balance and coordination become crucial for two bodies to move as one. Learning and using technique becomes easier when, because of the body workouts, you have the inner strength to perform.In 2004 I found out that I have a severe heart condition (restricted blood flow to the heart) and I thought that dancing would provide me with good exercise.Since taking lessons with Joann my health has improved slowly at first but then steadily better. Last month my stress test and lab test indicated that my heart condition has significantly improved and that my heart is now working at a gnormalh rate. My doctor wanted to know what type of exercise brought about such a remarkable change in less than a 2 year period. I described to him Joannfs approach to dancing and he is convinced that it helps both my immune system and strengthens my heart.My medications have been reduced and on doctorfs order I was told to gkeep on dancingh.

L.M. (Priest) & H.M. (Volunteer counselor for teenage single mother) :@We have been attending Joann Yasukofs dance exercise class since it started. It has helped us to improve our posture and our balance so that we can execute some intricate dance steps and improve our appearance while executing them. We have recommended her class to other dancers that we know who also want to improve their dancing. At 72 years of age we can readily see an improved difference in our posture with those of a similar age. We believe that we owe it to the exercise class.

M.K.(Orthodontist): @I am honored that you asked me to share my feelings regarding your "exercise class for dancers". To put it succinctly.....I simply LOVE it.....!! The following are some of the reasons why I love this particular exercise class:

1. It invigorates me physically and mentally.
2. It relaxes and soothes my body and soul.
3. It keeps my mind and body young and healthy.
4. It does not cause stress/pain to my body...(i.e gentle yet effective).
5. It helps me become more aware of my body movements and balance.

As an orthodontist (dental specialist), I "hunch over" to adjust (fix) my patients' braces everyday at work. Your exercise class enables me to be aware of my body alignment. Your favorite words "keep a dancer's body" are my constant reminder in maintaining good posture when I am not working..... I can still hear you now as I am typing these comments.....
Joann, your exercise class is truly a "treasure". I feel blessed to be mentored by such a kind and gracious lady like you.

A.L. (Former airline attendant): "I love the exercise class given by Joann Yasuko ever since I started 3 to 4 years ago. I use to suffer from back pain form a car accident way back more than 20 years ago. I am always tired and can't even lift my body from the waist up. I found the exercise suit me very well and I enjoy doing it whenever I can. Slowly and slowly I found that I can hold by stomach and am able to lift my back up. I felt that without the exercise I don't think I am able to dance and to enjoy dancing."

J.K. (Ph.D., P.E., Co-owner of an engineering firm):@"Professional teacher Joann Yasuko's special exercise classes and dance lessons has transformed by body, mind and quality of life. The stretching and balance development exercises and vigorous dance training has made my body 20 years younger and I stand 2 inches taller, and weight 25 pounds less. I used to have stiff knees and angles and very prone to muscle injury. The warm up techniques taught by Joann not only helped to prepare my body for vigorous dancing, but helped me during the course of my work, sometime include crawling into sewer pipes, climb steep mountains, to getting lifted on a cable by helicopter. I can feel the strength and stamina and the ease of recovery from such physical demand. With time. as I began to understand and find body balance (still trying to maintain balance consistently) and to achieve body flight I found learning to dance at the higher basic levels so much easier and ballroom dancing with Annie is now so much fun."

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